Stranger Fictions is a forum for creative exploration through conversation and writing on themes and topics of concern to researchers engaged with interdisciplinary fields of Information and Communications Technology research.

Created and devised by artist Jessica Foley, Stranger Fictions is a part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie EDGE Fellowships training and development programme.

Each session of Stranger Fictions focuses on a theme or topic chosen by a member of the EDGE programme (e.g. Peer Review). The aims of each session is simple:

  • to make room for exploratory conversation, active listening and critical reflection in research

  • to question clichés in academic research through creative methods and humour

  • to challenge assumptions embedded in academic institutions, mind-sets and disciplines

The sessions are hosted by Jessica Foley and EDGE Fellow Harun Siljak, usually in a venue that spatially reflects in some way the topic under discussion (e.g. A Boxing Ring for the Peer Review session). The constant of each session is conversation and writing in response to a theme or topic, but that's about it, each session becomes as varied as the people taking part!